About Us

Bartel Associates, LLC was established to provide quality and cost-effective actuarial consulting services to public agencies. With over 400 GASBS 75 studies completed, including GASBS 75 studies for approximately 400 California cities, counties, and special districts we are experts in this field.

We also provide actuarial valuation, consulting, and advisory services to large and small retirement systems, including consulting services for agencies participating in CalPERS.

John Bartel was a member of the special task force which assisted GASB in drafting Statement No. 45 and ​was also on the Advisory Task Force for the GASBS 45 project revising GASBS 45 & GASBS 75.

Bartel Associates was established in 2003 and is organized as a Limited Liability Corporation. Our office is located in San Mateo, California. We currently have ​17 employees, including ​6 senior actuaries, 1​0 actuarial analysts, and 1 administrative staff member. ​Eight of our actuaries are Fellows or Associates of the Society of Actuaries, ​​8 are Members of the American Academy of Actuaries, ​​4 are Enrolled Actuaries, and ​​6 are Fellows of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries.


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