2017 and Historical CalPERS Medical Premiums

06-15-2016 |

CalPERS Board approves 2017 health plan premium rates

On June 15th, the CalPERS Board approved the 2017 health plan premium rates.


CalPERS will no longer offer the Blue Shield Net Value HMO.  Current participants who do not choose a different plan during open enrollment will automatically be moved into the Blue Shield Access Plus plan.  CalPERS stated that pharmacy costs continue to be a significant factor in rising rates.  With the selection of a new pharmacy manager for 2017, they hope that this trend will moderate in the future. 

Basic Plans

Premium increases varied significantly by region and plan.  By region, Sacramento generally saw the lowest increases; Northern California region the highest increases.  By plan, the largest increases generally were for Anthem Traditional; Health Net SmartCare and Kaiser had some of the smallest increases. 

Medicare Plans

Medicare HMO premiums increased about 1%, while the PPO Medicare plan premiums decreased between 3.5% and 4.5%.

Here is a historical list of CalPERS medical premiums for contracting Public Agencies, by region:

PEMHCA Premium History

Here is a comparison of the 2016 and 2017 CalPERS medical premiums for contracting Public Agencies, by region: 
2017 PEMHCA Premiums


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