2021 and Historical CalPERS Medical Premiums

07-20-2020 |

CalPERS Board approves 2021 health plan premium rates

On July 14th, the CalPERS Board approved the 2021 health plan premium rates. 


CalPERS stated the combined weighted average increase for 2021 was 4.32% for its program.  The average increase for non-Medicare HMO plans is 4.44% and 8.54% for non-Medicare PPO plans.  Premiums for Medicare HMO plans decreased on average 4.46%, and Medicare PPO plans decreased 0.65%.  CalPERS reported that the overall impact of COVID19 on the 2021 rates was 0.57%, and noted that no impact will be seen to the HMO Medicare Advantage or PPO Supplemental plans since all COVID19 related costs are covered by Medicare. 

Changes for 2021 include: 

  • Blue Shield Trio has been expanded into the counties of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura. 
  • A new Sharp Medicare Advantage plan has been added for San Diego county only.
  • A few supplemental benefits have been added to the Kaiser Senior Advantage and UHC Medicare Advantage plans

Premium increases/decreases varied significantly by region and plan.  By plan, the largest increases for basic plan premiums were for PERSCare across all three regions.  The lowest increases for basic plan premiums were for the PORAC and Western Health Advantage plans in Region 1, for the PORAC and Anthem HMO Select plans in Region 2, and for Kaiser and Blue Shield Access+ plans in Region 3. 

Here is a comparison of the 2020 and 2021 CalPERS medical premiums for contracting Public Agencies, by region: 

2021 PEMHCA Premiums

Here is a historical list of CalPERS medical premiums for contracting Public Agencies, by region:

PEMHCA Premium History


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