OPEB (Retire Medical) Plans
We prepare "Other Postemployment Benefit" actuarial studies and valuations for compliance with GASB Statements Nos. 43 and 45 and GASB 16 (sick leave conversion) and CEBRT/PEMHCA.

We help manage costs of existing OPEB plans, implement new plans, comply with PEMHCA rules, and design 2nd Tier benefits.

CalPERS Consulting
We help agencies understand, budget for, and manage CalPERS contribution rates and benefit design issues. We’ve assisted with Pension Obligation Bond (POB) and tax allocation issues. We’ve presented to county boards of supervisors, city councils, district boards, bargaining groups, and agency staff on all of these issues.

Pension Plans
We prepare actuarial valuations for compliance with GASB 25 and 27 and assist with the administration of defined benefit pension plans and Supplemental pension plans for California governments and agencies.

Retirement System Audits
We review actuarial valuations, experience studies, actuarial assumptions, and actuarial methods for state, county, and other agency retirement systems.

Consulting Support
We support clients in the union negotiation process and provide compliance with Governmental Code Section 7507. We assist public agencies with redesigning existing retirement plans, and implement new retirement benefit programs. We've calculated the value of benefit obligations for RDA employees and employees of outsourced services.

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